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Source and Negotiate

Buyer can search for products or supplier on Once buyer has selected a supplier, buyer should negotiate the key terms about Purchase Order, and reach to agreement with supplier, including the terms of price, advance and balance payment , shipment, the first and last payment release etc. Buyer and seller can talk directly on line with message tool on

Contract and Payment

After buyer place order on line (draft order), seller will see it on seller account, and seller will need to draft formal e-Contract as per all agreement with buyer. This formal contact is regarded as basic formal evidence for the transaction.
After seller submit e-Contract on line, buyer will see it in buyer center. Buyer then will confirm the e-Contact online, and make payment online(advance payment or full payment) to supplier’s Bank Account nominated by eTradepay.

Once advance payment is processed, supplier need to prepare the products and notice buyer about the production status. Buyer has to pay balance payment (if the 1st time payment is not full amount of the order.). strictly requires that, buyer will need to pay full payment of the order before shipment is effected .


Seller can then choose 3 ways to effect the shipment :

> Express
> Air Freight
> Sea Freight ( both LCL and FCL )

All the documents required by the Customs clearance in China will be created by system automatically ( as per the e-Contract) will be generated automatically by our transaction system , and viewable in Seller Center.

Trade Authenticity Guaranteed

Through digital linking-up with related parties in the trade process (including China Customs, logistic companies, Customs brokers and etc.), guarantees and protects the trade authenticity in the event of e-contract, payment, shipment, Customs clearance and delivery, and builds up the trust between buyer and supplier. The whole logistics processing is visible online.

Flexible payment release terms can be negotiated between buyer and supplier when drafting the contract. The First payment to be released to supplier upon China Customs clearance proof at loading port, with the percentage agreed by both buyer and supplier in the e-Contract.

The last payment to be released to supplier upon the schedule of :

> for sea-freight or air-freight , the 10th calendar day since the issuance date of Delivery Order by freight forwarder at destination

> for express service , the 5th calendar day since Cargo Receipt is signed by buyer .

Trade Visibility Solution

Buyers are able to track and know the order status in Buyer Center, such as: Waiting for supplier to draft contract; Waiting for payment, Waiting supplier to ship, Shipment Released by China Customs, etc.

Buyers are also able to find Cargo Receipt, and shipped onboard B/L issued by by forwarder or logistic company at loading port in Buyer Center.

All documents required by the Customs of destination country, such as packing list, commercial invoice, etc, can be viewable and generated downloaded in Buyer Center.